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When I told maîtriser what this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt was he could not help smiling and chuckle. The prompt is the word ‘Muse’ or ‘Muses’ and that is what he sometimes calls us girls. He is a very creative man and writes music and songs, so I guess we might be his Muses, its’s really rather flattering I think. I see what he means though, I really do see the girls and him as my biggest inspiration, it’s for me one of the biggest benefits of the way we live.
Kitten draws and paints beautifully and will quit often ask if someone will set for to draw or paint. Now this is a lot more fun than it sounds and for me at least for me is something that I always want to offer to do. I’m not the world’s most confident person when it comes to my face or my body, so posing for her at first was hard to do. But she has away of making me feel at ease and she takes such care to position you and instruct you how to move and hold yourself, that I now find it really freeing. The fact I get to sit around in the nip, with Kitten looking at me is also a huge turn on. I will sometimes fidget so she gets all stern and tells me to hold still, then my nipples get hard and I get wet, so I fidget more. That leads to her coming over to reposition me and when she smells that I’m aroused she, she will kiss me and run her hand over my nipple, which to me is her saying ‘Ok mouse, show me what you got’. Oh, how I show her what I have for her. I have lost count of the times that I have dragged her over to the beat-up armchair in the corner of the studio and gone down on her, proving how she inspires me to misbehave!
Babe says that Little bears mouth and my bum are her Muse when it come to creative punishment! Let me explain little bear has got the whole dirty talk down to a fine art when it come to what people should do to people, normally me! I am very much the family pain slut and lover of being tied up, And Babe is very much the Queen of rope and I adore when she go’s in to Dom mode with me. Maîtriser is. the best, but I really do love a good Femidom session, So Little Bear making suggestions to Babe, and the glint she gets in her eye because of them, gets me excited, every bloody time! I think the best one was before I got pregnant and I spent the morning swearing like a dock side navy. Babe hates swearing, so I knew she was cross. Little bear whispered in her ear and next thing I knew, I was bent over the kitchen table, legs apart, ankles being tied to the legs of the table and then my body pushed forward on to the table. An hour later she let me up for air, with a very red bottom, a well fuck look on my face and little bear smiling and covered in me!
But I really do love the way that we all seem to inspire each other. Whether it be in an artistic way, professional way or just to want to try harder and do better. Have 3 beautiful Ladies with such different personalities is amazing, it has gotten me making dresses and corsets again, something I have not been able to do for a long time without it making me sad. Seeing how much pride in being her own boss that Babe has and how she is ‘the boss’ in her professional life, well it’s given me the confidence to kind of take charge of my professionals life and I have learnt that I can get people doing stuff, without being seen as a bossy woman and gaining respect of the people that I work with. Little bear well she is the one who has such a fun outlook on life and has just so much positivity, that you can’t help smiling, laugh and feel better. (although her waking you up at 6 am on a Sunday cos she wants to make pancakes makes you want to kill her). Kitten has inspired me to take the passion I feel for the people around me and channel it in to the rest of my life. Then the is my darling Maîtriser who has been my inspiration to live my life how I want and to fight my way back to health after being really ill. He is also the reason I gave the Love, marriage, and children a second try. I now have two very wonderful little reasons to not give up trying, ever again.
So I guess my muse in life is my crazy , wonderful and amazing little family!

Wicked Wednesday.

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  1. I love the idea of pancakes, but like you, not at six in the morning… You all sound very supportive of each other, creatively and erotically…

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