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it could only happen to me!

When I read this week Wicked Wednesday I thought I was going to write a serious , straight laced tale, and then I heard a chuckle , followed by “mes souvenirs vous souvenez-vous de cette époque qui revenait d’Amsterdam?”. that stopped me in my and then made giggle till I was crying.it led to me and the rest of the family sitting down and reminiscing about some of the more memorable travels we have had over the years

the memories of a trip to Amsterdam with a group of biker friends was amazing , but coming home was one of the most morterfifing points of my 20’s. are boat was late and we were left waiting around a port , in the freezing cold for a number of hours. I decided I need to change and put warmer clothes on , so I quickly rummaged through my rucksack to find some thermals I had packed ,  shoving my clothes and stuff back in and scurried off to change in to them. by the time I got back it we were being usher through customs and on to a boat. when I got to the customs officers , I got pulled over and motioned to take my helmet off and let them look in my bags. now I had gone to Amsterdam and had ‘treated’ myself to a few new toys. so the thought of them seeing them was a little embracing , but when I put my bag up to be looked through the was a very load buzzing come from it. the custom officer seemed to think I had a weapon or bomb in the bag , and then things got silly , with my bag being moved , people moving out the way and the officer shouting “what have you got in the bag miss” . Well I had to tell them, but the mortifying part was them going through my bag, pulling out all the toys and demanding I took the batteries out of all of them and giving me a warning that I should have done this before packing them and to of declared them, as they nearly called the bomb squad!

Another time that comes to mind was last year at crufts, well at are hotel. I had gone up to days before hand with kitten and 2 of my dogs. well we had been allowed to take a couple of toys with us, so we could have some fun and enjoy each other . we took a very nice dildo and a bullet vibrator. well we did indeed have a lot of fun on are first night, and the next morning we woke up late . in a rush not to miss breakfast and be late to help set up the stands we were working on that we left are room in a bit of a mess. When we got back that evening the housekeeper hand been. the bed was made, room straighten and the tea and coffee restocked . When I went in to the bath room I found at vibrator and dildo all nice and clean next to the skin. not where I had left them on the bedside table. that was a face palm moment! lol it was made even worse by my dog Mad Eye getting out of the room while kitten was at the bar and I was in the bath. I panicked and run out after him in a towel , that cover very little , shouting that he was a little shit  and I was going to kill him! Well I caught him outside the kitchen, but had forgotten to a lead. So I had to pick a wiggling dog up , while trying to keep a towel in place and get back to the room. When I finally made it back, I found that the door was locked, meaning I had to walk in to reception and find someone to open the door for me, still holding a wiggling and now growling Mad Eye, wearing nothing but a towel.

But by far the most embracing thing that has happened in a hotel was on my wedding night. Well I was a little drunk, extremely happy and hornier than hell, and when I’m like that I get really vocal. Well to cut a long story short , we had some one knock on the door a grand total of 3 times in 1 night. oh and the boss man-made it worse by cuffing me to the bed , answering the door wrapped in a duvet and holding the door wide open so the poor guy who had to come tells us to be quiet saw me naked, covered in bite marks and panting!

Well that’s my wicked Wednesday ramble and my first blog post from this site!





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