Aedan D. O'Healy, From the heart

I watch you…..

I watch you…
Each finger first unbuttons, then unzips, slowly applying pressure to fabric
Looking up, a blaze of red blushing cheeks and eyes, giggling…

I watch you…

Each finger first unbuttons, then unzips, slowly applying pressure to fabric
Looking up, a blaze of red blushing cheeks and eyes, giggling…
My heart beat races and I force myself to slow it down
You always giggle. It is one of those things I love the most. Not beautiful body, but ageless spirit
Removing the days wears from your sore overworked self,

I watch you…

To see each curve, each line; so perfect it makes me imagine
I see the pants, once tight and becoming curving against cheeks
Now being thrown it a corner, forgotten in a basket of other forgotten things.
Sad, but I know if I prowl out from where I perch, they will smell like your perfume and feel warm to the touch…
For a moment they will still mimic the beautiful woman that wore them

I turn back, sensing rather than seeing movement; to the uppers now
Seeing the flat of your stomach, sexy,

I watch you…

exposed to me and exciting, that feeling begins to pulse within me
The hunter is coming out
Arms are over your head and giggle, again
I crawl up to the spot on the bed closest to you
Slinking, stalking your scent, your radiance,

I watch you…

Blowing on your skin, moving upward from china white belly to red lace
Enjoying each goose bump as it stands up on your skin

Now I am the hunter and you, my only desire
As the sweater comes off, exposing your shoulders
the silky white creamy skin, smelling of roses
tasting of your days exhaustions and excitations, still,

I watch you…

Waiting for my moment to pounce
To reveal my hiding place within your presence
Your hair falling all to hell in your face
you are stunningly beautiful in all ways.
You look at me and giggle
as your hands runs over your breasts
down your tummy and your fingers find a place in your red lace panties. Oh, How

I watch you..

Pleasure yourself slightly, all for my pleasure
Your fingers are playing along that sensitive spot that I love to place my tongue
you look up tip of your tongue playing the corner of your mouth
playing at driving me crazy

The game is on and the hunter is hungry
Playing for keeps. You are pure sex to me.. Love, unconditional
You run your fingers into your arousal and pull them out
one for you and one in my mouth
I drool and suck it hard.
I have tasted what I want and it will be Mine

I watch you…

Up on all fours, I come
Stalking you in the sheets and the pillows of this love nest
Disarray that may work to my advantage tonight
Growling, I may yet have you and keep you, tasting your every gift…

You pat my head and walk out of reach but my hands grab you
and you turn, not taking hand off ass
firm and lovely

You give me the ‘hands off’ look with a gentle smile, recounting “I would just watch you”
Defeated, I comply with your wish, as I always do
dressing slowly, revolvingly around the spot were you stand
One finger in your mouth, one in mine…And, as usual
I watch you

8 thoughts on “I watch you…..”

  1. Pixie – wow! I’m not usually a fan of poetry, but This! This has grabbed me by the throat and made me pay attention. Loved it!

    1. Posy
      Thank you for the kind word. This is music to my writer’s heart. And a special thank you to Pixie for letting my host my thoughts here. More to come…

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