The Other Woman by Sharon Atkinson

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be that other woman? What if that other woman was the one in control and made fantasies come true? This week, we have a treat from Sharon Atkinson who tells us what it’s like to be The Other Woman. 


A surprise for her lover’s birthday.  To live out his fantasy of two women.  I was for hire and they didn’t know me. Yet. A mutual agreement, but for a price.

I could feel her nerves, emanating around the room.  Under my orders, he was stripped to his boxer shorts and his hands cuffed behind the chair, on which he sat.  I told her to dress sexy but with innocent intentions.  The white lace of her underwear enhanced the slight tan of her skin.  Through the delicate lace, the darker skin of her nipples were clearly visible.   Myself, the usual black lace matching bra and G-string.  Lace top hold-up stockings, upon my slightly paler skin, we were the angel and the devil.  The naughty and the nice.

His eyes were wide and I could already see the excitement starting to rise.

Show time!

Relax, I whispered in her ear.  Her breathing slowed a little.  My hand traced gently over her soft, but firm breasts.  Squeezing them gently, my thumbs rubbed over her nipples sending excitement through her body.  I kept one hand caressing her breast, feeling her nipple starting to push against the fabric, whilst my other hand stroked across the silkiness of her soft skin.  My lips found her’s and my tongue tickled her lips until her mouth opened, then I began to explore her mouth more.  Her taste was fresh and minty, like she had just cleaned her teeth.

My hand reached the lace of her panties.  I could feel a heat growing.  I ran my touch between her legs, she opened them slightly for me.  She was relaxing more now.

‘Oh God’, he murmured as my fingers tickled her warmth over the lace.  A dampness was forming and she moaned softly.  My thumb, rubbing over her nipple, moved the lace away. I removed my mouth from hers and moved it to her succulent protruding nipple.  My other fingers moved between the lace and the skin and let them slide into her wetness.  She had finally relaxed.  Her hands were now caressing my body.

I stopped briefly, I needed her naked.  I wanted her naked.  I first released one of his hands from his restraints and edged his shorts down.  His cock was rigid.  His breathing was deep and fast.  His hand flew to his cock where he started to immediately stroke his shaft.

I returned to my naked beauty.  First I unclasped the bra and let it fall to the floor.  Her fingers immediately jumped to her own nipples, squeezing and playing, letting her moans escape that little bit louder.

I stood behind her kissing gently down her neck to her shoulder.  My eyes bore into him as he stroked slowly up and down his shaft, while I teased his wife with my tongue.  My hand slipped through the legs moving the wet lace of her panties aside, my fingers danced over her lips, finding her swollen clitoris, that I flicked as gently as I could.  This made her body move, rubbing her sex over my fingers.

I removed my hand and slowly, but seductively, licked them clean, swallowing her taste as he looked on with a wanting to be touched.  I could see his hand moving a little faster up and down his rigid shaft.  His head glistening with his own juices.

Removing her wet panties, I inhaled it’s scent and threw them over to her husband.  His reflexes were sharp.  He stopped stroking his cock, catching her panties, he too inhaled the scent deeply.  His cock twitched untouched, then with the wet panties in his hand, he continued stroking, up and down the full length of his throbbing cock.  His breathing deeper.  His eyes not straying from me or his wife.

Now it was time to bring it up a notch!

I released my breasts from the restricting material, letting it drop to the floor.  The I eased my G-string down, exposing to him, everything I had to offer.

‘Is that a piercing?’ she asked.  I told her it was.  I let her touch me where the silver ring was glistening from my own juices.  Her delicate fingers, tugged slightly on the ring, before letting her fingers slip deep inside me.  The way her fingers moved, you would never believe this was her first time.  I lowered her onto the edge of the bed and spread her legs.  She lay back waiting for my next move.  I know this will send him fit to burst.  His time will come. Literally.

Manoeuvring my tongue up and down her wet lips, I pushed in through her wetness and her body arched.  She moaned louder.  I could feel that it wouldn’t take her long, before she would be filling my mouth with her juices.

I could hear him behind me, getting close to climaxing.  I continued sucking and probing her with my tongue and flicking on her swollen clitoris.  I moved my hand down my body and I started to caress myself, making sure he could see what I was doing.

I licked and sucked faster.  Her hands clenched the bed clothes.  Her body arched, her breathing got faster and then it happened.

‘Oh God. Oh God. Oh Oh Ohhh’.  My mouth filled with her juices.  I swallowed them down and more entered my mouth as she continued to cum.  I stood, leaving her on the bed to calm a bit before we continued with the games.

I walked over to him.  I sat on him letting my wet hot pussy, kiss his rigid cock as I placed my mouth on to his.  I passed his wife’s juices, that was still in my mouth, into his and he hungrily swallowed it down.

I let his other hand free from the restraint.  She joined me, we stood on either side of him.  She leaned down and kissed him hard.  We stood facing him, I told her to copy what I did.  We both grabbed one of his hands each.  We bought his hands up to our breasts.  He squeezed eagerly and pinched our erected nipples.  Leaning over I started to kiss his wife, passionately as we moved his hands down the curves of our bodies, caressing our sweat rippled skin.  He reached our wet swollen pussies and instantly inserted a couple of fingers deep into us.  She gasped a little, but continued to kiss me.  He moved them in and out, faster and faster.

I pulled away from kissing her and leaned down and kissed him again.  It was time to make my money.

I told him to stop playing with us and told him to stand.  I walked him over to the bed and told him to lie down.  His hard cock stood tall and inviting.  I first took his shaft into my mouth and teased him with my tantalizing tongue.  I slowly lowered my body down his shaft.  He gasped.  His wife a little lost at first then started to kiss him, while I started to ride up and down, clenching hard as the whole of his shaft disappeared inside me.

She then kneeled down near his head, with her legs on either side of his face, where he continued probing her with his tongue.  Just as I had done earlier.  She played with her own nipples as he licked and sucked and I rode him faster and faster.

I had two rules, which they both knew.  He would not be ejaculating in me or the price tripled.

She climaxed again and I could feel how close he was.  I slowly eased myself off him.  She swapped places with me.

As she slipped herself down his wet rigid cock, her juices started to run down his length.  I placed myself over his mouth.  With my back to her, I let him taste my juices, then raised myself slightly.  I placed one hand on the wall before me and the other, I used to play with my swollen self.  She was riding him faster and faster, he was thrusting harder.  I stroked my clitoris harder, letting my juices fall into his mouth and on his face.  Spreading myself a little wider for him, he lifted his head, and continued to lick my swollen lips.

Then it happened.  She let out a scream, he gasped loudly, they chorused with my moans, as I too climaxed, filling his mouth with my juices as he filled her with his.

Excusing myself to the bathroom, I picked up my discarded clothes and left them to let their juddering bodies calm down.

I dressed and left the bathroom.  They had both put bath robes on.  I took out my business card, kissed it with my freshly applied red lipstick and left it on the side for them.

I said goodbye and left their home.  I know after that tense, but tantalizing session, they would definitely be calling for my services again.


The Other Woman

I can fulfill your threesome fantasies

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Sharon has always been fascinated with the written word for as long as she can remember.  As a writer, she writes poetry, short stories and has completed her first novel, a Christmas romance.  She has been writing Erotica as a “Shy Creature” for a few years and is now hoping to find her voice as Saskia N Hornton.  She has a few different writing projects in the pipeline, with both romance and erotica.

You can follow Sharon on Twitter using @SharonSAtkinson or contact her on for her romance writing and blog pieces, or you can follow Saskia on Twitter using @SaskiaN_Hornton or contact her on (website being born very soon – for the erotica writing).

4 thoughts on “The Other Woman by Sharon Atkinson”

  1. Wow! Fantastic use of words to create an exciting visual 😍 Love Sharon Atkinson’s style of writing, really tugs at the imagination – well done!

  2. Wow! Fantastic use of words to create an exciting visual 😍 Love your style of writing, really tugs at the imagination – well done! xxx

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