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Stuck in a blogging funk, the is a meme for that!

So for a few weeks my head been in a funk, and I’ve not been able to blog. I’ve been writing , but not posted any of it as I’ve been really unhappy with everything. I written. But then by not posting I got cross with myself, and crosser I got the harder too write. A horrid vicious circle. So when maîtser left for his trip, he told me that I was to do the #storyin12 meme on twitter everyday . #storyin12 is a daily flash fiction meme run by wrigglykitty and Molly Moore on twitter. The is a daily one word prompt , that needs to be used In a 12 word story. I’ve been taking part this last week and loved it. So I ask sir beasty and maîtser if I could collect a weeks worth and do a little blog post to get back in the swing of posting. So that’s what I’ve done and here they are!

Her moral compass was way off; in the most wonderful way possible. #storyin12

The lease on her shop was up, her dream lay in tatters. #storyin12

kneeling he let her beg to taste his cock, increasing the thrill. #Storyin12 for Mr Joans for last night and this morning!

His facility with the ropes intrigued; How would they feel on her? #storyin12 #ropebunny

We had been close for years, I guess something changed between us. #StoryIn12

They checked in to the inn, hoping to rekindle their lost love. #storyin12

To love her was a privilege , that she allowed very rarely now. #storyin12

Hope you enjoyed,

Pixie x

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