Office Affair by Sharon Atkinson

This we, we’re stepping right in to a fantasy we’ve all had before – an Office Affair. You know you’ve call caught the eye of someone in your office. Would you go as far as having an affair with your new IT guy? IT guys really don’t mind being the object of someone’s desire, trust me.  

Shelley ran into the office, she was 15 minutes late.  She hated being late especially when Tom, her boss, was already there.  He always gets in for about 8:00 am but leaves promptly at 5:00 pm.

“I’m sorry I’m a bit late Tom, I’ll stay behind and make up my time.

“There is no need to stay late Shelley, but before you run upstairs and lock yourself in your office, let me introduce you to our newest member of the team.  This is Glen and he is our new I.T. guy. Any problems you have please see him from now on.

Glen looked a little shy or maybe it was just first day nerves, everyone has them.  Shy or not, Shelley noticed Glen’s eye was fixed on her very healthy breasts, he quickly averted his eyes and looked at her face to say hello and shake her hand.

What Shelley saw, she liked.  His blue eyes were very welcoming, she noticed he was about 5ft 9” maybe 5ft 10” at a push.  He had short dark blonde hair that wasn’t neat, but it suited him perfectly. From what she could see of him, she could tell he had quite a good body.  The touch of his hand on hers sent a tingle right through her body and she liked it. It made her feel so much better knowing she was wearing her new black lace matching underwear with matching suspender belt.  She already felt sexy and now she was getting a little moist just by looking at Glen.

Shelley finally lets go of his had and said, “I will hopefully see you later”, and just before walking off she gave him a little wink which made him blush ever so slightly.  She then walked as provocatively as she could over to the spiral staircase that leads up to her own private little office. What Shelley had on her mind was far from actually doing any work, to her it was more work in the art of seduction.

Shelley was not sure if she was going to make it through the whole day without relieving herself.  She would have to at least try and hold out till lunch time especially as she was already late for work.  There was just something about the new guy that had spun her into a turmoil. She was hot for him and she knew he wanted her.  She did notice that he could not take his eye off her breasts and she also noticed that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. She only hoped that he was single.  It would make it a little awkward if he had a girlfriend. She would hate to break her heart but it would have to be done.

Shelley left her door open slightly so she could hear what was going on downstairs or more importantly when her boss was not around.  She could still smell him on her hand. His aftershave was fresh and light and the fragrance lingered. Glen seemed to be ticking all the right boxes.  Inhaling his aroma, she hoisted her skirt up far enough so that she could slip her hand into her panties and start to rub slowly over her lips, between her slender thighs to feel her wetness glide over her fingers.  All she needed now was for someone to walk in preferably Glen and catch her rubbing vigorously on her clit. She didn’t know what she would say if she did get caught, but she liked to be watched and he would be the perfect solution to her now built up tension.  She started stroking slowly at first, letting her fingers slip in between her lips.

She grabbed hold of the desk as she rubbed faster, she knew it wouldn’t take her long to climax.  Shelley knew she should wait till later, but Glen had lit a spark in her and Shelley was going to fully ignite it.

She slipped another finger in and played with her throbbing clit until she could take it no more, she gasped and holding on to her desk tighter, she reached her climax.  She sat there smiling to herself as she started to calm down. She cleaned herself up and finally started on her work. Shelley knew her boss Tom, was due at a lunch meeting at 1.30pm which would give her the chance she needed to get the ball rolling with Glen.  She just hoped he would take the bait.

Shelley checked the clock and thought it was about time she paraded in front of Glen, besides she had some letters for Tom to sign before he left.  She had a quick look in her compact mirror to see if her lipstick needed a little touch-up and gave herself a quick spray of her perfume, just to hide any trace of her earlier activities.

“Tom, I need you to sign these letters before you rush off to your meeting and I will leave that proposal you wanted on your desk.”

“Ah thank you Shelley, that will be great. Shelly would you mind locking up tonight, you know I have the ballet tonight and I am sure my lovely wife would not be happy if I am late home, so I will go straight from the meeting and I had better get her some flowers or I will never hear the end of it.”

“That’s fine Tom, no problem.  I said I would make up my time anyway.”

Just as she was about to walk as provocatively as she could, past Glen, he stood from his seat and actually spoke to her.

“Erm, Shelley?  Tom said you were complaining about a small memory problem on your PC.  I was wondering what time you are free today so I can install a little program which will increase your memory and help your system run a little smoother.”

“Oh that would be great, I seem to have been asking him for help for quite some time now.  After lunch say around 2ish, so I can save anything I am working on.”

“That will be fine with me.  See you then.”

It was more than fine with Shelley.  Tom would have been gone for at least an hour and they could get themselves better acquainted with each other.  Shelley was most pleased with the situation and she didn’t even have to instigate it. She could feel herself getting excited just thinking about it.

At about 1.55pm she made herself look busy.  She wanted to try and impress him as much as she could.

Right on the dot, there was a light tapping on her office door.

“Come in”, she called out.  “Hi Glen, I almost forgot you were coming, too engrossed in this proposal.  How is your first day going so far?”

“Oh, you know same work, just a different office”.

“I’ve never looked at it that way before”.

Shelley noticed his eyes kept slipping down towards her cleavage which she happened to make sure were on show just a little more.  She needed him relaxed if she was going to seduce him and if that meant showing more of her breasts to him, then that is what she was going to do.  She moved her hand towards the opening of her blouse and waved it a little saying, “is it hot in here or is it me?”

“Yes it is a little on the warm side.” he stumbled with his words slightly. “ I like your perfume, it’s very sexy.  Sorry, I hope I’m not being too forward, it’s just where you waved your blouse, this lovely smell drifted over to me”.

“Thank you and no you are not being too forward, in fact, I was just about to say the same thing to you.  I assume you want to get to my desk”, and with that she stood and walked over towards her office door, closed it properly and as quietly as she could, she locked it, leaving the key in so that no one could open it from the other side.

Glen had started to do his magic on her computer.  His fingers worked fast. Shelley walked over and sat on the corner of her desk, which coincidentally, she just happened to sit on a disc that Glen would need to use.  Glen went to grab for it but stopped knowing he would have to touch her to retrieve his disc. More importantly, he would have to touch a cheek of her pert bum.

“Shelley, sorry but you appear to be on my disc”.

“Oh, I do apologise”.  She lifted her left cheek slightly, just enough for Glen to get his disc, but he still managed to brush against the top of her thigh.

“Oh, you bad boy” she purred, “you did that on purpose”.

“Just like you sat on that specific spot on purpose.  If I didn’t know any better, I would say you are trying to seduce me, and I have to admit, it is starting to work”.  His voice was soft and almost seductive when he spoke to Shelley.

Shelley moved along the edge of the desk until she was directly in front of him and started to slowly unbutton the rest of her blouse.  Glen didn’t hesitate and all politeness went straight out of the window.

His hands moved straight towards her ample breasts and he squeezed gently, then ran his fingers over the edge of the black lace, slipping his finger underneath the lace, brushing over her nipples.

Shelley unclasped the bra freeing her breasts straight into Glen’s hands.  He took full advantage of this by grabbing them and placing one in his mouth where he started to suck hard and let his teeth graze against her erect nipple.

“Mmm, you really are a bad boy.  Please don’t stop”.

His other hand moved up her skirt feeling the lace top stockings and pulling her closer to him.

“Take your skirt and panties off for me”, he breathed between each suck of her succulent breasts.  Shelley stood and unzipped her tight black pencil skirt and let it fall to the floor, then she pushed her panties down leaving only her suspender belt and stockings.  She sat back between Glen’s legs on her desk. She reached to unbutton Glen’s jeans and was even more excited to know he was not wearing any underwear. He was rigid. He wriggled out of his jeans then removed his top.  Shelley could only stare at the great physique that was

in front of her.

Shelly got down from her desk and got on to her knees, placing her wet mouth over his throbbing cock.  She started to suck, looking up at Glen’s face to watch his excitement with every suck and lick. She groaned slightly as she sucked and she noticed he liked that even more, it made his cock move in her mouth.  His face said it all and he started to thrust a little as Shelley sucked harder.

Shelley ran her tongue up and down his shaft before taking the head back into her mouth.  She sucked until she could taste his juices. She didn’t want him to climax just yet, she had hardly started on him.

Shelley released Glen from her mouth and stood.  She straddled him like she was getting on a motorbike and placed her lips upon his, fighting with her tongue to find his.  She could feel the tip of his throbbing cock at the opening of her very wet lips. She moved back and forth as she kissed Glen, teasing his cock with her wet juices.  Glen started to rub his thumb on her aroused clit. This turned Shelley on even more. He was making her so wet, she knew her juices would flow before he even got inside her.  He told her he wanted to feel her sex run down his shaft.

There was a knock at the door, both Glen and Shelley looked towards the door, but Shelley continued rubbing her wet juicy lips across the tip of his excited cock.  She placed a finger to Glen’s lips and whispered, “Shhhh, whoever it is will go away in a minute”.

Whoever was at the door, did not knock again.  Glen wriggled underneath Shelley, just enough for the tip of his cock to slip into her welcoming wetness.  She let out a short gasp. He felt big, but now she wanted more. She slid down his fully erect shaft. She was so wet.  His hands moved to her bum cheeks and squeezed as Shelley started to ride up and down, taking him deep into her.

“You are a very bad girl”, Glen gasped at her as she rode faster and harder, clenching her muscles tight around his cock.

“And you are a very naughty boy.  On your first day as well”. She moved his head towards her breast where his hungry mouth started sucking and biting and pulling her nipple with his teeth.  She was thrusting harder on to him, making his body twitch with anticipation. She knew he would not be able to last much longer, but then again neither could she.

Her body started convulsing as she said to him, “I’m cumming baby.  I need to explode all over you and I want to feel you inside me”. She dug her red painted nails into his shoulders as he squeezed hard on her arse.  She knew he was about to reach the point of no return. Their bodies started to convulse, the time was close and Shelley was riding him faster and harder, the slap of her skin hitting his, was mixed with the sound of wetness.  He slapped hard on her arse cheeks, she gasped, but she loved it.

“Oh God, Shelley”.  Glen thrust as hard as he could and let out a breathless moan.  She could feel his hot liquid squirting in to her as she too reached her climax.  She stayed sitting on top of him until both their breathing and bodies had calmed a little.  She leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips.

“Would you like me to clean you up a bit?”, she whispered to him, but before he could answer she quickly removed herself from him and bent down placing his not so rigid wet, slippery cock into her mouth, where she sucked gently, getting every last bit of both his and her juices and swallowed them down.

She bent down to put her clothes back on, but passed Glen her black lace panties and said he could keep them as a memento of his first day in the office.

Just as they both finished dressing the computer beeped “Download Complete”, they both laughed as he picked up his equipment and headed towards the door.

“Glen, as I have to lock up tonight, do you fancy a drink after work to welcome you, so to speak, to our little office and relax after a very hectic first day?”  She winked at him.

He hesitated a little at first then he replied, “That would be great, thanks.  Maybe this first day is turning out to be a great day and not so nerve-wracking after all.”   He winked at her as he left her office.

Now what Shelley had to work on was, what other computer problems could she have to get him back in her office?  She knew this was definitely not going to be a one-off.

Sharon has always been fascinated with the written word for as long as she can remember.  As a writer, she writes poetry, short stories and has completed her first novel, a Christmas romance.  She has been writing Erotica as a “Shy Creature” for a few years and is now hoping to find her voice as Saskia N Hornton.  She has a few different writing projects in the pipeline, with both romance and erotica.

You can follow Sharon on Twitter using @SharonSAtkinson or contact her on for her romance writing and blog pieces, or you can follow Saskia on Twitter using @SaskiaN_Hornton or contact her on (website being born very soon – for the erotica writing).

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