Little’s playtime….

Pixie and I are both littles. She is submissive and I’m a switch. She has recently excepted my tag and is officially now in a submissive to me. One thing we have added to our relationship is playtime together, so we can find are feet in our D/s dynamic. One thing it does play to is a little sides. It’s soft, gentle, full of giggles and love. Who said little’s can’t be Dom?

Miss kitty / kitten


2 thoughts on “Little’s playtime….”

  1. Welcome to Sinful Sunday. I hope you enjoy being part of this community. One thing I always highlight to new folks is the importance of commenting on other peoples work as it helps to create and maintain a nurturing and encouraging environment for people to share their work in.


  2. Big yes to this! It so lovely to get a little insight into the dynamic you and Pixie are creating together. I also love hearing about little’s playtime. Look forward to seeing more sinful Sunday posts from this blog 🙂 x

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