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2 am ……


I should be asleep, I know that I should, but that doesn’t help the fact I’m not. I woke up 30 minutes ago, needing to pee and then made the mistake of checking twitter. Yeah, I know there is always someone I know either having a break down, pondering the meaning of life or drunk tweeting, but I still looked and got sucked down a rabbit hole of a question about knots!

Thinking about being tied up always gets me feeling frisky and then I get extremely horny, leading to me having to surf Pornhub in the hope of finding something to have a wank to. But that’s not helping, everything seems so tame and dull. Or it might be that I have a real man next to me at 2am for once, because your weeks of working nights are over. But I feel guilty even think of waking you up because I got myself horny. But then again you would just bite my neck, flip me on my tummy and fuck me, well that’s what you do. But my silly submissive brain can’t or won’t just wake you up.

Instead I try curling myself into a ball, thinking of fluffy unicorns and go back to sleep. But then you turn on your side, fling a leg over my hip and an arm across my chest. Grabbing a handful of boob while you’re at it. I let out a strangled groan at that. How do you find ways to torture and tease me in your sleep? Well two can play that game buster!

I decided to stretch my legs out, arching me back a little and thrusting my butt back in to your groin, deliberately wiggling a little. But that just makes you grip my boobs tighter and pull me closer to you. so, I wriggle my butt harder, more of a grind. Well that wakes you and my favourite body part is up. So, I grind a little harder and arch my back more, pushing my boobs in to your hand.

That wakes you up for sure. Your hand comes and moves the hair away from my neck and face, your lips contact my skin and your teeth sink in to my neck making me screech. In one fluid movement I’m flipped on my back, forced to open my legs wide, to cradle you between my thighs, your fingers plunging in to my folds, feeling how wet I am. Then your cock is nudging my clit, your tongue fucking my mouth and your hand mauling my breast. Then taking your weight on one arm, using the other hand you guide your cock into my cunt, making me gasp at the sudden feeling of being so full and how tightly my walls grip your cock.

As you start to move I wrap my legs around you, using my feet on your buttocks to pull you deeper inside with each thrust. This is not a slow sweet fuck, it’s raw, animal fucking. The kind that I need. The sort that leaves me in no question of who is in control, who I belong to and what you want. I love every second of the rough, demanding kisses and brute force of each thrust. I adore that you know me so well, that you know when I need more force, when I want your hand across my throat choking me and adding to the pleasure of my fast approaching climax.

Then it hits me with the force of a freight train, and you follow right behind me. Cumming deep inside me. Then you’re kissing me and I feel your full weight on top of me, crushing me, but only adding to the pleasure of feeling small and loved. The rough kissing only adds to my want for more, as my hands find your cock and I look up at you with the shy, innocent smile I know will make you hard again. You flip over on to your back, taking me with you and acting as an open invitation to carry on. So, I do, and will carry on doing and till I have my fill.

Something tells me it’s going to be a very long night.

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