Who am I – Well I guess this is where I tell you all about myself.

My name is Pixie.

To the outside world I’m a happily married Irish house wife and mother living with her husband, in a little house, with our 3 female lodgers and dogs.

That’s kind of right, I guess. But if you look a little closeryou  we will see that’s not quite the entire story.

For starters, my name is Pixie and I am happily married and I am Irish. But, my husband is also my Dom.

My 3 female ‘lodgers’ are my husband’s submissive and my subbie playmates. We all wear silver chains with 2 joined O rings.

My ‘Bedroom’ has 2 beds joined together and is ‘our’ bed.

I meet my husband at the front door, on my knees every night and that I like doing what I’m told.

I’m an extremely Submissive female, who has a touch of a masochistic side. I am very happily married to my wonderful Dom (aka the Boss Man or maisteir). We have an open, non – monogamous, Polly, D/s relationship with the girls we live with. We don’t just share a bed, but a house and our lives.

We are very happy.

We put a hell of a lot of work in to being happy.

It’s not all about fucking and spankings. We have normal everyday lives just like everyone else.

We do have our rules, views, and ways of going about life that make everyday life… interesting.

So, why am I writing this blog?

Well it is a creative outlet and a safe place to share my world – no, our world and our take on the D/s and Poly lifestyle. I want to share my journey as submissive with other like-minded people, to make some new friends and maybe to show that the world of BDSM, Fetish and Kink is not at all what people may think it is.

This is my place to share the stories I have going around my head, to get stuff off my chest and fight my demons. Let’s just see where this taks us, shall we?

Love and hugs,
Pixie x


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