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Zombie flicks.

Give me a good Horror fiction book and I can lose myself in it for days and days. But ask me to sit through a horror film and I will run a mile, I hate them with a passion. Ok so not all horror films I love the classic 50s and 60s B-films and bad vampire films. But anything like I.T or Poltergeist, nope can’t watch them, or I will be sleeping with the lights on for a month! The middle ground for me seems to be really good Zombie films, like 28 days later and world war Z. Sure they still freak me out, but I can watch them if I can hide my face in maîtriser shoulder at the really scary bits.
One of the things I love doing for date night with maîtriser is to watch a zombie flick at home. We make popcorns (coconut and brown sugar for me and bacon and chillie for him), dirty milk shakes, turn the lights down low and snuggle on the sofa. After about 10 mins of the blood and gore starting I’ll be laying down with my head maîtriser lap and he will lazily stroke my hair. Then the comes the scene that makes me jump and I turn my head in to his groan to hide my eyes from offending gore. It’s then I feel that he is hard…
I will turn my head and look up at him, eyes wide and I always get a cocky grin, a raised eyebrow and ‘well what do expect if you put your head that close to it and wriggle about?’. I normally try to look shocked or to pout, but they always seems to fail or last 2 mins before I get the giggles. You then seem to think that I’m being a minx (I still refute this!) and that I need to be tickled, but I’ve got good at wriggling out of the way over the years. I always end up in a giggling heap on the floor at your feet , where I love being and belong.
It Always makes me want to misbehave or play with my favourite toy, so I slowly make my way between your outstretched legs, bring myself to a kneeling position. I take the hair band on my wrist and tie my hair back in a high pony tail, not taking my eyes of your face. You raise that eyebrow again, while my hands reach for your belt buckle . ‘ Mouse , what are you doing ?’
‘nothing’ I reply trying to sound coy and innocent, but sounding way to excited , having finally got the buckle undone. I start to work on the button of your fly and start to pull the zip down. You lick your lips looking a lot less cocky than a few minutes ago. ‘Did I say you could touch me?’’ you growl , as slide the zip all the way down and start tugging down your jeans and boxers at the same time.
‘No, but I’m still doing this!’ I say, flashing my own cocky grin and teasing wink. Squeaking with delight when you lift your butt off the sofa, making the job of getting you cloths off so much easier . But you have come alive now as well. your hand goes round my throat, pulling me up to kiss your waiting lips. Your hands go to my t-shirt pulling it up roughly over my head with my bra, leaving me bear chested. Then your hand takes hold of my pony tail and you push my face down to your groan, as if to remind me who is in charge, as if the is ever any doubt.
Taking a deep breath I run my hands up , then back down your thighs , I blow cross your hard cock . then lick base to the tip and back down to your balls, and repeat a few times . Then I suck your balls in to my mouth, slowly and soft, then hard. The I rap my hand round the base of your cock, and gentle , but firmly pump it a few times . Sitting back on my hunches a little I again blow across the head , cos I know how much you like that. Then I open my mouth , taking the tip of your cock in to my mouth and take as much of you in my mouth as I can. Slowly sucking as I move back towards the tip again. You allow this for a few minutes, but then your hand is wrapped round my pony tail and your back in total control. You are guiding, pushing and pulling. You know how far I can take you down my throat , you get to point where I am just about to gag, but not quit , but I still panic a little and tense a little. That seems one of your favourite parts. Your groans and the way you will bark one word commands. ‘hands’ or ‘balls’ or ‘harder’, I know what you mean, and I get a trill that you have so much control with such let verbal communication.
When I hear and notice your breathing change, this is when I get dragged up on to the sofa. my skirt is up over my back and my panties are round my knees. (hell, they normally wrapped off me but…). your hand pulls my butt up and the other pushes my head down . The is sometimes the growl of ‘wide’ or ‘open’. But sometimes, the best times, the is just you and your hard shaft, ball deep inside me. It’s never slow and soft. It hard , fast and primal. I guess that is what I get for teasing and trying to take control. Or is it my subcases make sure I get what I need.
After a few minutes of fucking me like this, your start to lose your fight. That’s when I hear ‘rub your clit mouse’ . It only ever takes me a few mins to get to the point of needing to cum , and trust me I am fucking begging . you push my face down harder, you thrust hard and almost screaming in at my, you utter the one word that is my undoing. ‘NOW’ And I cum, scream your name and you cum screaming my name!
After we come down off the ceiling, calm is breathing and somehow untangle are limbs. Once we are sitting up right, trying to find are cloths and dress again. We both look to the T.V screen to see that the end titles are playing, and we have no idea what happened. I guess that’s why zombie films don’t hold much fear for me, cos I never really see the whole film!

So this was meant to be a tad more Halloween themed , but well I kind end up on a date night , am I forgiven?!?!

Pixie x x x x

Kink of the week

kink of the week

Kink of the week, musings of pixie heart., social, Uncategorized

Kink of the week – Hand Spanking .

Well I thought I would give the whole kink of the week ago! I’m hoping it’s going to give me pregnant bum a kick and get me back writing, instead of just sitting on the sofa worrying about I size of ever-growing boobies and what I’m having for my tea.

This weeks kink is hand spanking and I have to say this was a subject that was made for this little pixie to ramble on at you about! I adore spankings and Hand spankings are my all time favorite punishment! The is just no better feeling of the Boss man coming up behind me , bending me over sofa, pull my skirt up, pushing my panties done and bring his hand down on my butt. It’s the feeling of skin on skin, that leaves a sting and rosy glow to my cheeks, that shows that someone took the time to do that to me .

in  are little family not everyone is a fan of hand spankings. For Babe being spanked is something that just the mere suggestion of it being done to beautiful rear, will get her to behave and wind her neck in quicker than anything else. But on the flip side of that is the fact that she is an awesome spanker! she does a great line of putting little bear over her knee and spanking her, it’s something she does with a great deal of feeling and passion! Talking of little bear , well her little side responds to spankings as child would . The are screams and squeals , pouts and foot stamping, but I think deep down she likes it! Kitten and I both Love spankings. Although she is not some much in to the on her bare skin and too to.

For me I guess I have 3 types of spankings that I like . The is the punishment ones, where I get bent over something , told to count and the slaps rain down. that If I forget to count and say thank you for each, they start over. Those are also the type I normally get if I get punished in a club or if we have kinky company over, as I am a good girl and the boss man does like his girls to make him proud!  Then the kind that I get when I’m fucking , that either get used as form of foreplay or part of the main act. I mean come on who does not like a sharp slap to their ars as someone is fucking them hard from behind?! I think it’s the pain heightening the pleasure and the shock that it brings to what is being down to me. Then the is the ‘therapy’ spankings. I have a habit (a bad one , that I’m working on) of bottling up my feelings and anxiety. sometimes it gets sort of like a big black ball of angst that settles in the pit of my stomach. It gets to a point of actually being a physical pain, but I can’t get it out of me, I have no words to express what is wrong and I just stop. it is these times that The boss man or Babe will put me over their knee and spank away. (always over a knee for these ones). They will only keep going till they hear the first sob and then its time to move in for a cuddle. They will sit with me, in their arms and let me cry, till I get every last sob out of me , till I am calm and able to carry on or till I go back to being a happy little pixie !

So that is my thoughts on Hand Spankings , hope you enjoyed it!


Pixie x x x x

kink of the week