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I’ll introduce myself, in brief here as I am certain you’ll be hearing from me soon enough. My name is Aedan O’Healy and I’m a writer.

Ireland native moved to the US more time ago than I care to count. I miss my country and her and I will meet again one day…

You may hear me by many nicknames, but they all point to me.

Pixie and her family have generously given me a place to write my demons away and maybe in the process offer a little something tantalizing for everyone’s reading pleasure.

I’ve been writing about sex, sci-fi, and fantasy (mine and yours) for a while now but I’ve been away for a time. They have made me a place to post here which will work until it doesn’t.

I’ll be writing with Pixie and her fam as well as posting my own originals shortly, so please check back when you get a moment. I’d also be happy to hear from you if you care to drop me a line. Aedanohealy@gmail.com

níos déanaí

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