Submission Guidelines


How to submit work to Pixie Heart:

We accept submissions only email. You must submit all work to and We do not accept any submissions through any other means, at this time. If that chances, we will update this section.

Formatting your submission:
All manuscripts must be formatted in 12-point type. Arial, Times New Roman, Courier fonts are accepted. Your manuscript should contain one-inch margins. All submissions should be double-spaced.
When submitted any material, your title page should contain your name and email address and short bio. All contributors are asked to submit a short biographical note including updated links to social media site (twitter, facebook, etc). Broken links will not be corrected prior to publishing. Any updates are published on an “as time allows” basis.
All submissions should be submitted at least ten-days prior to the agreed upon publish date. Any submission sent with less than ten days read time may be retuned unpublished and without any agreed upon payment. If arrangements need to be made, a minimum of ten-days needs to be given.
Simultaneous Submission:
At this time we accept simultaneous submission as long as they are not for the same posting week. These submissions should be agreed to in writing prior to send them in.
Response Time:
Our review and response times vary depending on time of year and workload. Each piece will be read and reviewed. An editorial edit may be suggested. In the event edit suggestions are not accepted by the writer, a piece may be rejected as we will not publish something that does not show the writer to be professional. Every writer has the right to reject editorial suggestions.
Reading/Editorial Fees:
If you’re submitting a longer piece to consideration or you require an edit, a reading or editorial fee may be assessed. This will be discussed in advance of acceptance and agreed upon in writing by the author and the editor.

• Drug use of any kind will not be accepted
• CNC welcome, if it is clear that all parties consent
• Underage activity will not be accepted
• Bestiality will not be accepted
• SSC or RACK, with enthusiastic content
• We ARE sex/kink/body positive – all writing must reflect that mission or it may be rejected.
• Respect for all characters, real or fictional should be portrayed in your writing. We will not accept discrimination of any kind portrayed in your writing.
• Pieces will be exclusive to for 6 months. You are free to and encouraged to share a link to your pieces on your own blog or site.