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Over the last 72 hours I have been party to some pretty vile bullying on twitter. Why? I replied to a question about collars with a photo of me in a collar , and some vile troll didn’t like it. They went on to throw abuse at me on twitter and in my DM . I blocked and reported to them . But they started on maîtser and publicly saying they hated ‘chubbies’ . This really unsettled, hurt and bought back all my body image problems. But what hurt more than the bulling was people seemed to agree with her and also liked her comments. It felt like she was being validated.

I’m not a skinny mini, never will be. But right now I’m pregnant and a little sensitive about the way I look. I get that people are allowed to have an opinion and free speech, but I also know how damaging it can be. (DonnyJ 🤭) . How many hundreds of teen girls and boys end up with eating disorders, self harming or killing the self because of vile words and taunts?

Thankfully I ranted, cried and reached out this time. But in the past this would meant I would of done something stupid . I’m super blessed to have friends, like my lovely little andronic that I can go ‘ does this look fat to you’ to, and get a ‘No ‘ but other people don’t have the love and support I do.

So I’m asking everyone to do a few things to fight bullies.

  1. If you see someone being bullied, offer help. Whether that’s an ear, stepping in or reporting what you’ve seen.
  2. Call bullies out, most of them are stupid idiots and back straight down
  3. Unfriend, Unfollow, report and block them. Take their spot light away.
  4. Never tell someone who is being bullied to get over it, ignore them or your stronger than them. It’s not helpful and in many cases it will hurt them more .
  5. Lastly if you are being the bully, stop it and think about what you words and actions can actually do.



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Are you sitting comfy , then I shall begin….

Well good morning my lovely little kinksters and freaky horror nuts! How are we all doing on the erotic horror writing front? I so cant wait to read what you have all come up with! I do have a couple of little announcements, so bear with…

Firstly the deadline has been moved from 22nd of November to the 28th of November and the results will be out on the 5th of December. This is due to me being a prat and not realising I will be having my mot in hospital on that day! Doh!

secondly – A friend , who will remain nameless has given me 3 £10 starbucks gift cards , so we are going to let the judges choose their favourite story , other than the first place story, sort of judges choice award!

and lastly , another kind friend has offered to put all the stories in to an anthologies for me. ( I had to look up what it meant!) so everyone can read all the wonderful stories in one lovely hit!

So come on guys get writing!


Pixie x x x x