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Question time!

Ok lovely Kinkster! My Wonderful Maîtriser has handed down a challeng to myself and the girls (Kitten , Babe, Little Bear) . The challeng is , to ask fellow kinksters to send in questions for us to answer, Simples! We have also sent an email out to all are kinky friends around the world , asking them for questions! So bring on the questions!

If you have a question , mail us at . I have been told to say , no request for photos, due to work stuff and family stuff we won’t be posting pics of us! Also no sending of your bits people! Are maîtriser and are lovely tech super hero the darling Sir Beasty see everything that goes through are email, so ……


Looking Forward to it!


Pixie x x x x

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Girl Dates.


One of the things I love about the way we live and are rules is the fact that the girls and I have a weekly ‘Date night’. It is one of the few times that the boss man lets us out on our own, without some form of male protector. The are with everything we do, rules for date night, not because our Dom is a control freak, but to keep us safe and maybe so we still know who is in charge, just a little bit!

The rules are , dress in a lady like manner, no swearing , no misbehaving without asking and one person is to stay sober . We are to hold hands when walking about, we are not to losing sight of each other and Babe is in charge. (I think that’s code for she is the only one of us that is half sensible!) . Apart from that we are free to go and do what we want.

We have an unspoken rule, that we take it in turns choosing what we do on date nights. Babe will always choose a posh dinner, dancing and drinks or something cultural. (that’s code for shit that you need to think about and act classy). Little bear, well her date night is all about fun, cuteness, and giggles, pretty much her in date form! Normally food (Jackson and rye or Nando’s), Dirty milkshakes and either the cinema or bowling. Kitten and I, well are taste are similar really. We are more likely to choose something that we can just kick back and chillax doing or get sweaty doing. We seem to do a lot of sports or gig watching, but also, we both have a love of the theatre. Musicals, plays and the ballet are favs!

Now we do stick to the rule of acting like ladies, most of the time. But they are times when, things take, how can I put it, umm well I guess and odd turn?! Usually if someone has a few drinks. I should say that me and kitten are tots light weights, I mean like a 3 beers limit. Babe is a tough welsh girl and can drink most men under the table. Little bear well she gets pissed on the fumes from a g & T. Also, if me or little one have too much sugar, msg, or caffeine well, yes! Lol


We have had some memorable date nights. The was the time we went to a club and me and little one really needed a wee, but the was a massive cue, so we shared a cubical, each turning around to let the other pee in privacy. When we went to get out bear went first and it being a very small cubical and her boobies rather large, the door got wedge in-between them. I had to climb over the top to get out and then get a doorman to help get her out. The was the time that babe decided we should go to Croydon and after a few beers insisted we went to Ikea. Kitten when drunk will tend to wander off and find a quiet spot for a nap. She did this and we lost her for an hour and a half, panicked I had to try and explain I had lost my drunk girl friend to a very shocked and worried looking employ. She was found asleep in a wardrobe, but not after we had to launch a store wide kitten hunt! Oh, the shame!


But it’s not even when we drink that things become interesting. The was my ice-skating date, that we had been on for 15 mins when bear tried to do a turn, misplaced her foot, did a back flip and land on her head. Well, because she kind of knocked herself out for 3 mins we had to go to the hospital, in a blinking ambulance, blue lights, and all! Kitten decided a couple of weeks ago, to go to a trampoline park for a date night. Well I stupidly wore a low-cut t-shirt and a huddle, not thinking that jumping about for an hour would get hot in a hoddie and not wearing the right bra, my left boobie decided to fall out in front of a group of 14-year-old lads, on a birthday party. Oh, and the was my choice of going and doing rock climbing (in doors) and babe wore her super sexy leggings. With tight harness and kitten keeping the rope tight, it meant that not only did Babe get a wedgie but she lost her grip, fell, and somehow split her leggings in half. Thankfully we managed to fashion a makeshift skirt out of a hoodie. if nothing else we can say we are the queens of functional improvisation!


We also have date night when we ask if we can misbehave and if maistier say yes, well that is when the real fun and games happen. The was the time we teamed up in pairs, kitten, and me v babe and little bear, to see how many men or women’s phone numbers we could get. Kitten and I got 34, but babe did her Dom thing with little one and got 67! Mistier set as each the challenge of how many nipples each of us could lick in one night, I’m very proud to say that I won, with 98 nipples in one night! Kitten and I also hold a record of how quickly we can make a guy come without touching him. 4 ½ mins on that front! Well we do like to tag team men and we do pole dance and burlesque classes for fun. Babe likes it if Matsier puts her in charge on nights out, but then we like that, cos well she is good at it and is rather delicious. The things she does or makes us do in front of men, can be bloody obscene at times.


But the best thing about them is the fact that we giggle nonstop, have fun and it is spending time together and just enjoying each other. The is the bonus that we get to smooch, hold hands and we’ll have PDA that make men hard and women jealous as hell that we can do that to men, just acting the way we do!


Might have to share what family date nights are like, they are X-rated though, any takers?!

Love and Hugs ,

Pixie x x x x