#SoSS post – Instagram addition.


So, I have not done one o these in ages and ages, and I feel super bad for not doing it. I feel l am massively behind on my blog reading. But in my defence, I’ve been super sick and in and out of hospital. Not an excuse, just life! What I have been really loving is Instagram and some of the amazing creatures on there, so I thought I would do an Instagram #SoSS post. So here goes!

@_floss_84 – So I know the lovely Floss from the blogging and podcast world. But she also has a flipping epic Instagram feed ever. She takes her everyday life, entwines it with kink and a dash of little, and make beautiful things to look at. She also writes with passion and humour, at https://flossdoeslife.com/. She is also one of the funniest and sweetest people I happen to know, and its worth signing up to Instagram jut to follow her!

@theprincessrara. – Again, I know Little Rara from twitter and the blogging world, but she is also on Instagram. Rara is body, kink, poly, and sex positive, and it shows in her feed. She is a kink educator, sub and runs many kink events in the DC area of the USA. (I have begged daddy to let us go when we move). She is stunningly beautiful, sexy as hell and fireclay clever. But is a sweet, humble, and kind human as well and this come across in everything that she seems to do. Worth a follow, if you want to smile.

@strawberrymilkies – first found this lovely on YouTube when I was doing little space research. She makes great videos and always comes across as funny and sweet. I found her Instagram a few months back. Blown away by some of the pics she has. Again, always coming across as sweet, funny and with an awful lot of talent as a photographer. Worth a follow if you’re a little spacer or a CG.

Lastly is something I am very proud to be part of. The is a new page on Instagram called @littleelixermodeling, it is a kink modelling page. They had a call for models a few weeks ago, when I was in hospital. Daddy said I should apply, but with my lack of faith in my self half heartedly applied. Somehow, I got through to the second part, and was asked if I got which squad I would like to be part of. The are 4 squads to chose from , #Ropesquad for submissive and BDSM littles. #Mastersquad for all tops, CG a Dom types. #Leashsquad for all pets, puppies, and kittens. Then #Littlespacesquad for all the littles, babies, and cuties out there. As I identify with the sub side of things more than anything I said rope squad. Never thinking I would get picked, I somehow got pick! So, I am now a model! (Daddy keeps text people his married to a fetish model, the silly head) So what happens is we get sort of themes to take photos for. Are first one was something that makes us proud of are self. We can then go and chat about it on are little squad group chats. I seem to of landed in a group of the funniest, prettiest, and sweetest people ever. So I am giving my squad a shout out, all should be followed (please and thank you) are group admins are @lilweebgirl and @creepy_princess . my fellow models are @littlebabykaibird , @kittenxxsugar , @prxcess.jaylynn , @s.oymilk , @princess.honey.bear , @little.play.toyy , and @fawny.lil.baby . Go follow them and the page and show some support, for something that looks like its going to be an epic adventure!