Question time

Question time with the girls – Miss Kim of Club Rub, Mistress Workshop & Rubber Cult

With life begining to return to normal, it’s that time once again – Question time with the girls – Miss Kim of Club Rub, Mistress Workshop & Rubber Cult.

  1. What was you first experience of the D/s and BDSM lifestyle?
    It was 28 years ago when a mistress friend asked me if I wanted to earn £50? Her name was Mistress Victoria and she was a formable woman. It was the first time I’d ever been in a professional dungeon. There was so much equipment; benches, a wheel, gas masks, whips etc. My head was spinning. The client had a smoking fetish. First she put him in a gas mask, then lit up a huge cigar and blew the smoke down the tube. Hilarious. She threw me a look, as I suppressed a giggle.

  2. What was your first taste of the fetish scene like?
    It was Club Submission and I was blown away. I instantly loved it, whist being a little apprehensive. In fact, Mistress Victoria was one of the first people I met theta night and she was so nice to me.

  3. When did you realise you were Domme?
    It didn’t really happen like that. I went to my first club nearly 30 years ago and fetish clubbing was my first love. I met so many interesting people and found myself in so many unusual places and parties, it just evolved.

  4. How did you and why did you turn in to a Pro Domme
    I closed my monthly fetish club event after 20 years and it seemed like a natural progression. I had already been doing Dungeon Parties with Mistress Vanessa for 15 years. Also my Mistress Workshop has been operational for the last six years. Plus I had more time now Club RUB was closed. My interest for the art of BDSM has grown and grown over the years also.

  5. What was the inspiration behind Club Rub?
    There weren’t many fetish clubs 20 years ago. Another one was needed, and I felt themes would add a fun element to a scene that, which at times, could take itself too seriously. filled that gap.

  6. Which of your amazing workshops do like teaching the most?
    My is by far my favourite. I will never stop teaching that. It’s way too much fun. I love meeting eager ladies, all happy in the pursuit of BDSM knowledge

  7. Do you have any kinks you’re really in to yourself?
    I’m a hood lover. I have a site called Obviously latex! I run with Cynth Icorn. I have a medical fetish…I love some of the old equipment, it fascinates me.

  8. What do you do for fun and to relax?
    Travel: Meet friends for trips to restaurants, galleries, stately homes, seaside trips etc. I have a house in Spain and love to go there. I walk, swim, read, write blogs, sunbath, gardening and cafe life. I’m active on the fetish scene, which I still find fun.

  9. Do you have any hard limits as Domme?
    Not really. Obviously, I don’t do sex. I don’t allow body worship either. Too old to wrestle anyone!

  10. Would you say you’re a feminist, and why?
    I’m an advocate of the rights and equality of women. You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman. I am a womans woman.

  11. Who are you role models?
    Elizabeth I, Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, Lady Gaga. ‘The Silence Breakers’ The women started a ‘revolution of refusal’ and said #MeToo #TimesUp to sexism and harassment in the workplace.

  12. What is on the cards for you in the future?
    I have no intention of ever leaving the fetish scene. The friends I met on the scene 25 years ago are still my oldest and dearest friends, but they have no interest for it anymore. I will carry on flying-the-flag. Putting on gatherings like the Queen Bee Society

    I have some other things up my sleeve. All to be revealed in good time. I have been much imitated over the years. This next project will be a first…mine!

    Photos are by me and Rachel May AKA