bdsm, Masturbation Monday

A rainy Monday afternoon.

It’s a dull rainy Monday afternoon. I have been on the go from 4.30 am and I’m really flagging. Maîtres has told me to go take a nap and since I’m being a good girl, off I trot to are bedroom. Striping of to my panties and his Star Wars t-shirt. The bra comes off too, as I pull down the blind and slip under the covers. But I’ve got a bad case of the fidgets again and after 30 minutes of trying I’m still wide awake! I turn over, with a huff to face the door. Only to find Maîtres leaning against the door frame watching me wriggling, his body gently shaking with silent laughter. Smiling down at me, with that slightly cocking grin that makes me melt inside. The one that has been my undoing so many times.

Looking at me in that odd way he does, in his thick French accent that sends a shiver down my spine and making everything south of my navel contract almost painfully. He ask ‘can’t you sleep little mouse?’. Not trusting my own voices, I choose to nod my head. with a soft laugh and gentle tone, he asks ‘would a story and cuddle help?’ again I answer with a nod of the head, as I scoot over to my side of the bed.

He walks in the room, closing the door behind him.  stopping to pick up the book he was reading to the girls and I last night, visions of last night flash through my head and another shiver run down my spine, this time making my nipples harden in to hard little nubs, that are begging to be touched. He takes off his shoes and pulls back the covers and climbs in and settles in his spot, right in the middle of the bed. propping a pillow behind his head and then reaching and pulling me into my safe place. The space between the bottom of his ear and his neck, where he tucks my head every night and where I snuggle when I’m worried or poorly.

I cuddle in to his chest, comforted be the steady beat of his heart. The book opens to the spot we got to last night, before we got to playing. He clears his throat and starts in a voice that is soft and steady, while he idly strokes my hair. The words of the story he reads don’t register in my little brain, it seems more interested in how he is toying with my hair and has decided to give that tight feeling in my tummy and an itch between legs, that has started to make me very wet indeed. I start to fidget again trying to get some relief, with no effect other than to make me fall farther in to his arms.

‘Mouse, for goodness sake will you settle down’ he commands. ‘what is the matter with you?’

I still have no words to tell him what is troubling me, instead I simply place my hand flat on his tummy. My sign for letting him know I’m horny and that I desperately need relief. He lets it stay there for all of 5 seconds, before his arms are under mine, hosting me to sit between his legs with my back supported by his chest. My arms go around his neck to move myself closer to his lips, but he holds me in place with a ‘be still girl’ in his do as I say tone. His hands travel down my rib cage and grab hold of the bottom of the t-shirt I have on, pulling it over my head. his hands grab handfuls of my soft breast and his none to gentle handling of my nipples makes my breath hitch, as one hand travel south over my rib cage, over my soft belly, round the curve of my hip, and finally meeting the outside lips of my pussy. All the while his other hand is roughly mauling at my breast and nipples

Lost in the moment and loving the rough treatment my nipples are getting, I seemed to of forgotten his hand is cupping my pussy with his other hand, but I’m abruptly bought back to the moment when I receive a sharp slap to my pussy and he growls ‘Open’. I do as I’m told and open my legs to allow him access to my pussy.

I nearly come as soon as he slips his fingers inside me, but I bite down hard on my lip so I don’t, knowing that coming without permission would be breaking the rules. I shudder as one finger becomes two, by the time his thumb touches my clit ring I’m shaking.

Then in that commanding tone, that I love so much, he says ‘Arms round my neck now missy’. In doing this I am forced to arch my back and to throw my head back. I thrust my breast out and my pussy forward in to his hand, hard. He continues to fuck my pussy roughly with 2 fingers, while he applies pressure to my clit with his thumb, moving it in agonizingly slow circles.

I feel the tight not in my tummy gets to point of being painful and the muscles in my pussy start to spasm, I start to beg to be allowed to come. His thumbs circles faster and faster, he moves his mouth to my ear and whispers ‘Come for me little one’. That is when my pussy clamps down on those magic fingers and he pulls hard on my clit ring. I feel as if I’m going to explode and never come down from the bless I have just experienced.

He holds me close till my body stops shaking and then removes his hand from my pussy, place his soaked fingers to my mouth and again in that commanding tone says ‘open’. I take his fingers in to my mouth and suck and lick them till I remove all traces of me from his finger. Oh, I do love that sweet and slightly musky taste that is all me.

When I move to turn, and face him, I receive a slap to my breast. He growls ‘not now mouse, nap time and play later’ He shifts and move us on to are right hand side and spoons with as my eye start to feel heavy and my brain gets foggy with sleep. The last thing I remember is him dropping kisses in to my hair and him telling me I’m a good girl, as drift off in to a wonderful, deep, and calm sleep.

Well this is my first atempt and a short story for the epic Kayla Lords Masturbatin Monday . Hope you all like it!


Love and hugs,

Pixie x x x x